The Role of Cover Letters

Cover letters are an important part of any successful resume. It announces your application to your prospective employer and expands on your expertise for the position for which you are applying.

However, choosing the right for your cover letter can be nerve wracking if you have forgotten or have never learned about the proper formatting. Rather than spend countless hours doing formatting research or using an outdated computer program, you can get the cover letter you want by using Online Resume Builder's unique cover letter creator.

Cover Letter Creator properties

cover letter creator

This builder automatically formats the letter for you, using the information that you input into the template. The template you use is based off the position for which you are applying. In fact, employers expect cover letters to look and read a certain way and to match the industry into which you are submitting your resume. When you want to be 100 percent sure that your cover letter will complement your resume and be in line for your desired job, you can get the help you need with this Resume Builder's cover letter creator.

Another benefit that comes with using the free online cover letter creator includes the ability to have your cover letter worded perfectly. You may not be a strong writer and be unsure about what you want to say in your letter. When you utilize the cover letter builder on this free site, you can follow the prompts and suggestions to create a cover letter that is assertive, eloquent, and interesting to read.

Cover Letters Made Easy

Creating the perfect cover letter for your job search begins when you open an account with Online Resume. Opening an account here is fast, easy, and free. You do not have to pay for your account creation as you might with other resume creation sites.

Choose your career field

Once you have an account opened, you can then build your profile and let Resume Maker know what kind of jobs you are looking for and for what purposes you plan to create your resume and cover letter. This information is important because your cover letter should match the industry into which you hope to enter. For example, if you hope to build a career in food service, your cover letter will look different than if you wanted to search for work in engineering or aeronautics.

Step-by-Step Cover Letter Formatting

As you get started, Online Resume will prompt you to enter this information so that this free program can choose the template that best matches your job pursuits. The template will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating a cover letter that will be an asset to your resume. In fact, once you have your account established you can create several resumes and cover letters to utilize throughout your job search. Each template can be used for unique positions in the career you may already have or in an entirely new career path.

Finishing Touches

Once you have created the perfect cover letter, you can then save it in your Online Resume account. Saving it here is easy and convenient because you do not have to pay for the account, nor do you have to pay to access it whenever you want. lets you print it off whenever you choose and also lets you download it to your computer or flash drive. Further, you can share it online or email it to yourself or a prospective employer.

How it works

How it works

You do not have to be a skilled writer to create the perfect cover letter. This cover letter maker guides you as you write a letter to impress any employer.

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Cover letter tips

How to Write a Cover Letter: the best information in your cover letter can make a powerful impact on employers. Write a compelling cover letter with these tips.

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Great Templates

The trends for writing cover letters are always changing. You can keep pace with the changes and write an engaging cover letter with Resume Builder's templates.

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Write a Cover Letter

You may feel more confident about writing a cover letter when you have examples. Find here great Cover Letter Templates to help you get started

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Many recruiters expect you to send your cover letter and resume electronically. You can send your documents successfully by using Online Resume strategies.

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