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As you work to build your career, you may not have had time to research today's resume formatting trends. Even so, these trends are important when you are ready to create a resume that will allow you to stand above your competition in the job market. Rather than use an outdated style or a format that does not suit your career goals, you can find a variety of resume templates at These templates will help you create a resume that looks polished, professional, and ideal for the job for which you are applying.

Professional resume templates

As you consider the professional resume templates on this site, you will notice that they allow you to list your information in chronological, functional, or combination order. Depending on your desired career field, you can expect to be guided through the process of drafting your resume using one of these formats. However, as you use Online Resume you also may notice that you have the option of creating, storing, and printing more than one resume. You can build a resume using each of these formats, ensuring that you are ready to compete successfully for any job on the market.

Selection of Templates

resume templates

Along with the varieties of formatting, you also have a range of online resume template choices from which to choose. This Resume Builder offers you selections such as centered, which as its name suggests allows you to input your information and have it centered perfectly on your document. You can also use Elegant, which separates your information with headers and features your address placed on the upper right side of the page. Bold centered is also available to you as a template. As its name implies, your details will be centered and bold typed on your resume. You can also choose regular bold formatting, which aligns your details on the left side of the page, yet prints the primary information in bold type.

The remaining two choices for you to consider are modern and professional. Either of these choices, as well as any of the other templates, will suit any employer's expectations for the field in which you are pursuing employment. Online Resume will suggest to you the perfect template for you to use based on the career field you choose, as well as other qualifying details you select during the first steps of the resume building process. You are free to experiment, change or update your information as desired, and keep your resume stored for as long as you prefer. With the resources available here, you will always have a great looking resume available to you so that you can get the job that matches your career goals. Online Resume can even suggest phrasing and words for you to include on your resume to make sure it looks as eye-catching and relevant as possible.

Saving and Storing Resumes

After you complete your resume using this simple step-by-step creation process, you can save and store it on this site by creating an account. With a free account on, you can download your resume, share it on the Internet, print it off for job applications, or email it to yourself or an employer.

Creating the ideal resume for today's job market calls for you to use the proper formatting. The resume templates at this tool will meet the expectations of any employer and let you stay ahead of your competition.

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